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We also insure farm operations and home-farms including farm commercial vehicles and Umbrella.
Identity Theft Resolution and Expense Coverage Endorsement
Countryway’s Homeowners and Farmowner policies now include an Identity Theft Resolution and Expense Coverage Endorsement. We have partnered with Identity Theft 911®, the nation’s leader in identity management and fraud education, to provide expert assistance should your identity be compromised. This service comes at no charge.

Don’t wait until you’re a victim to call.
If you suspect your identity has been compromised or need immediate Identification Recovery assistance, call Countryway’s Claim Department at 1-800-828-6862 to be referred to a fraud specialist from Identity Theft 911®.

Continued awareness is key.
Education and awareness are your best lines of defense. That’s why Identity Theft Resolution brings you useful educational resources to help minimize your risk of exposure. You’ll have access to up-to-the-minute threat alerts, in-depth articles and interviews, FAQs, and a wealth of preventative guidelines at:

Identity Theft 911® will provide you and your family FREE unlimited one-on-one access to a highly experienced fraud specialist. From the moment you call*, this specialist becomes your personal advocate and ally, guiding you through the resolution process, step-by-step, until the problem is fully resolved and your good name is restored. Services also include Identification Recovery to help replace critical personal documentation such as driver’s license, birth certificate or Social Security card due to a home fire, flood or a weather-related disaster.

The expert Identity Theft 911® services help you avoid any identity fraud-related losses. However, should you incur any out-of-pocket expenses while recovering from an identity theft incident, Countryway’s new Identity Theft Resolution and Expense Coverage Endorsement provides up to $15,000 in expense reimbursement after a $250 deductible.

*Services provided by Identity Theft 911® as part of the Identity Theft Resolution and Expense Coverage endorsement do not require filing a reimbursement claim and will not affect your premium.


  • Proactive assistance for lost documents.
  • Assistance filing a police report and placing fraud alerts.
  • Systematic notification and preparation of all necessary documentation.
  • Assistance replacing checks, credit and debit cards.
  • Free 3-in-1 credit report and optional credit file freeze for victims.
  • Enrollment in one year of credit and fraud monitoring of more than 1,000 public record databases (if needed).
  • An additional year of active follow-up.


  • Assistance with emergency authentication.
  • Assistance with rapid replacement of critical documents such as birth certificates, loan documents, INS and IRS documents.
  • Assistance with accessing, protecting and reassembling financial, credit and employment related data and files.
  • Systematic notification
  • A center of communication for family, friends, providers, etc.